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1. | Mar 15, 2014
Il gamecenter non ha pif9 raingoe di esistere.TUTTE le classifiche sono infestate ormai da parassiti che mettono i loro bei falsi punteggi.Quello che e8 davvero INCREDIBILE e8 come apple se ne freghi altamente, e continui a permettere che cif2 avvenga. Non ho parole.Se ci provi sulla 360 ti bannano a vita, idem per la PS3.Quello che mi disgusta e8 come possa esistere gente a cui piace rovinare tutto.Che poi quei punteggi cosec alti ormai li conoscono tutti e nemmeno vengono presi in considerazione. Ma devono essere eliminati comunque.Se sei un maestro e fai il miglior punteggio, e8 GIUSTO che devi essere al primo si lustra di come sia la migliore e poi si perde in queste cose.Nemmeno con iOS6 hanno risolto questo grave problema.Il gamecenter, cosec come e8 ora, e8 assolutamente inutile e privo di ogni interesse.Magari fai un vomito per ottenere un buon punteggio e ti vedi scavalcato da un pirla che non fe0 altro che premere un tasto e scrivere il punteggio.Shame.Anche gli archievements non si salvano, c'e8 un tweak che permette di prenderli tutti in un sol colpo. Ecco come fanno quelli che hanno milioni di punti nella classifica totale di punti del GC.Ridicolo veramente RIDICOLO.Vorrei tanto sapere PERCHE' non si prendono provvedimenti in tal senso.Tutto cif2 e8 assurdo.
2. | Mar 14, 2014
Julieruns It's safe to leave the new ones cooking all day, toghuh I leave mine on a trivet just in case. The reason the new ones are hotter have to do with meat safety rules, but unfortunately it effects all of us.Kathy Have you tried soups or chilies? They are the easiest to leave cooking all day. Sometimes my dinner will cook as much as 10 hours before we finally get a chance to sit down and eat. If you are doing stews, start with an extra cup of water/liquid and see if that helps. Another way is to try a few recipes over the weekend while you're home, then you have a few you know that you can leave on all day without worries.Boomerwiz Were you trying to saute the onion in the slow cooker? I find that doesn't work well for me, so I cook mine on the stove, then add it to the slow cooker after they are cooked.Happy slow cooking everyone!
3. | Mar 13, 2014
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4. | Dec 21, 2013
What's really uetistpng is that there are many people earning less par month than what some of the scum who abuse the welfare system receive every month. WHAT'S EVEN WORSE is that people on welfare do not have to pay taxes while many of those who work and earn less than whose on welfare still owe taxes at the end of the year despite paying their taxes every paycheck. There's something seriously wrong here!
5. | Dec 20, 2013
September Food Stamps $5.7B per Month!!!The latest data reaelsed by the Department of Agriculture shows that in September, an additional 521,428 new recipients were added to the food stamps program, an increase of 15.42% on a year-over-year basis, while household participation increased 18.27%..Nominal benefit costs are up a lofty 16.30% on a year-over-year basis to $5,741,336,112 for the month.
6. | Dec 18, 2013
but let me make the same point I always make, irsperective of the market price, gold/silver arent just useful for industrial process or as jewelry etc. they Literally Are Money, in this sense you should tend to build around the long-term profile and ignore even the kind of massive corrections (lol couldnt even type that without laughing) we are seeing in Ag.i really think the comex was gonna pop like a fuckin pinata and the rest is NWO moves to stop that
7. | Dec 16, 2013
for your limited (or non-existent) partny space.If you need a laugh, Alyssa from Kingdom First Mom gets real about how not to organize a partny.a0 Love the honesty!Jessica from Life As Mom shares motivation for keeping a tidy partny if
8. | Dec 14, 2013
Fred Going forward I will connitue to comment and post info as before with one exception, I will no longer engage in any dialogue with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. After reading today's posts, I finally realized that there is something seriously wrong with him, and my constant challenging of his “facts” and opinions was only making the situation worse.For those who wish to know – I am not, nor have I ever been, an employee or contractor of the Daily Record or its parent, Gannett. I have no desire to work for them, although I am certain they are a fine organization. I’m just an average citizen who likes to express his opinions on all things political.As anyone who has even seen the play (or movie) 1776, this nation was founded by a group of individuals who agreed on one thing – Freedom from Tyranny, but little else. By debating openly and honestly, they eventually agreed on the most important document in the history of mankind – the Declaration of Independence.A decade later, a similar group of men came together to write a Constitution. Again, there was much debate and disagreement. But again, one of the most important documents of all time was produced, and for over 200 years this nation has grown and flourished as a result.Today, we find ourselves facing many important decisions In NJ, electing a governor and one branch of the legislature. On the federal side, several issues that will permanently reshape America – health care reform, Medicare, climate change legislation, growing national debt, etc.As a state and nation, we are better off if everyone who has an opinion or idea is heard. One of NJ's biggest problems is the general lack of interest in what's going on in our government at all levels.Therefore, I’ve appreciated the opportunity to voice my opinion via your website and blog, and hope to connitue to do so for a long time to come.Thanks, P
9. | Dec 13, 2013
Hi, do you know how I can turn talking from a Tivo riocrdeng, into computerized text? There was a piece of equipment that did that, but the GP500 TextGrabber is no longer made and extremely rare to find used. The GP500TextGrabber was designed to access the closed captioned information contained within a television signal, convert it to text or straight ascii, and then transfer it to a PC over a standard serial or RS-232 line. As a result, you (could) generate a word-for-word transcript from a television program. TextGrabber even capture(d) text off a standard VCR, DSS or DVD! Do you know another way to do this?